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Lauren Smith-Fields Was Found And People Are Demanding Justice

23-year-old Lauren Smith-Fields of Bridgeport, Connecticut was found dead in her apartment just weeks before Christmas following a date she went on with a man she met on Bumble. The morning of December 12, Smith-Fields was found unresponsive in her bed by Matthew LaFountain whom she had went on a date with the night before. Reportedly, Smith-Fields was lying on her right side, not breathing with blood dripping from her nose.

According to LaFountain, the two had matched on Bumble 3 days prior to meeting. LaFountain reports that Smith-Fields had asked for $40 for her nails and to bring over a bottle of tequila. LaFountain arrived Smith-Fields’ home around 9:30 the night before she died for a night of drinking, games, and watching movies. Allegedly, Smith-Fields had fallen ill at some point in the night, but was able to quickly get herself together. LaFountain states that Smith-Fields went outside to get something from her brother and then spent around 10-15 minutes in the bathroom. Smith-Fields allegedly fell asleep during the movie after returning from the bathroom-LaFountain reports carrying her to bed.

The two slept next to each other; LaFountain recalls getting up around 3am to use the bathroom and heard snoring. Around 6:30am, LaFountain woke up to find Smith-Fields unresponsive with blood coming out of her nose. As medics arrived, she was pronounced dead on the scene at 6:59am. LaFountain, despite being the last person to see Smith-Fields alive, has not been named as a person of interest, as police stated “he seemed like a nice guy.” The lack of police investigation and media coverage this case received has caused an uproar within the black community, as we just months ago watched the world stop to search for Gabby Petito. Smith-Fields’ family is calling for justice and answers regarding her death. Over a month later, this case has received more attention, causing the police to open a criminal investigation. Smith-Fields’ family credits Cardi B for being vocal and instrumental in the need to get the police involved. #JusticeForLaurenSmithFields

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